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The power of sisterhood

As I prepare to host another online womens circle this coming Thursday evening, I thought I would share a blog entry about my journey of hosting them over the past two years and how much it's changed me as a woman!

In November 2021 I awoke from a very deep sleep where I had vivid dreams. As soon as I opened my eyes, the top of my head was tingling, vibrating with so much energy and before I had time to properly waken up, all of a sudden I was guided very strongly to pick up a notepad which was lying on my bedroom floor, and a pen, and start scribbling down the ideas that were poring through me so quickly -I could hardly keep up! Within five minutes I had written down it was time to start hosting womens circles and lots of information about what this would look like and what to do. I was startled! Where had this came from? Prior to this, I had never thought about doing something like that before! I soon realised this was higher self, (I recommend doing your own research if you've never heard of this before!) guiding the way for me and I was blown away. I proceeded to go onto Facebook and ten minutes later I had created my first online womens circle event and invited people to it. I had no idea what the interest would be, I just had to trust! To my amazement, there was lots of interest and the following week it manifested!

I remember just before it started, I was so anxious, my palms started to get really sweaty, I felt my heart beating super fast- but I breathed my way through it and suddenly here I was on a video call with another five women sharing an intimate space, coming together to conversate, connect and heal! I delivered a guided channeled meditation that flowed through me, it was beautiful...I then introduced a topic and everyone shared what that looked like for them. After the topic, each woman had a chance to speak about anything they wanted to, which was a huge release for them, and as they each took turns I witnessed the most beautiful thing. I noticed that as everyone began to speak, they appeared quite rigid, anxious, apprehensive.....but as soon as they opened their mouths, as time went on, their body positions and facial expressions began to change.... appearing softer, more confident, more relaxed, it was amazing! By the end of the evening there were many tears shed and probably the most incredible thing I felt- was the amount of love on that call. Genuine, unconditional, love, compassion and empathy for one another. We wrapped up the evening with me giving oracle card and intuitive readings for everyone!

I went to bed that night and cried so much- it was just such a huge life changing moment for me- because as I lay there in bed, huge realizations came to me- this was something I was truly meant to be doing and there was this deep knowing for the rest of my life i'll always be bringing women together in this way, regardless if it's online or offline. I also in that moment had such a release of emotion as I realised I had came so far from where I was four years beforehand after going through such a horrendous experience being physically assaulted by a woman and losing all trust in women in general! This was such a big moment for me, I was crying tears of joy!

Fast forward almost two years after hosting my first one and I still absolutely love it! Ladies, if you are reading this and you have never been to one before, I can promise you that you will get so much from attending and you can also make friends for life with the others who attend!

Connection to other women is SO important and unfortunately many women have experienced trauma in their lives that majorly impacts their relationships with other women. By coming to a womens circle, you are finally taking a step to help improve that, and the more you do things like this, the more you heal and the more you rebuild that trust with women! My circles have highlighted the importance of women healing together so much- by us doing this, we are also healing any generational trauma that's been passed down to us, that has made us feel threatened around other women- which is massive and also means you are healing your future family generation!

My next one is this coming Thursday at 8pm UK time, you can book and pay directly here on the website in the "shop" section or send a message/contact me over on fb! I would absolutely love to meet you and hold space for you. To keep up with when the circles are every month, just go to that section in shop and the dates will come up!

Billie x

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