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The magic of sound healing

I bought my first crystal singing bowl back in 2020. I think we were just a few months into the first lockdown and I was really struggling with my mental health. I had recently discovered a woman called Mei Ian on Youtube and I was blown away. This woman was playing bowls and singing at the same time and her voice and the vibrations from the bowls went right through me, I had Goosebumps all over. I just knew deep within me this was something I really wanted to get into- I thought wow, just imagine having my own bowl and sitting in a meditative state and healing myself with sound! So that's exactly what I did. I bought one bowl.. then around six months later I bought another bowl (both in different pitches for different chakras) and I continued to work with them for a few years until last year I decided it was time to invest in a complete set while studying a course on sound healing.

The journey that it's taken me on deep within has been profound. Sound healing has helped me to completely switch off when I'm feeling overwhelmed, anxious, working through grief, sadness.... it allows me to switch off from obsessive thinking or feeling like I can't stay in the present moment- I can switch off from the internal chatter and the outside noise and close my eyes and as soon as I start playing them, instantly I'm transported deep within my inner world, feeling the vibrations travelling around my body and I feel so connected, so at peace, I go into a trance state and I can feel like I'm completely detached from my body, it's like I become the music, it's the best feeling!

After studying sound healing and using them for my own healing I realised how much I'd love to use it as a part of my career and I'm so excited to share that my dream is now coming true and I'm about to start hosting sound baths in various venues in Aberdeen! I know so many people are going to benefit tremendously from sound baths. I am really looking forward to meeting new people and holding space for them while they travel inwards and enjoy soaking up the beautiful energy, vibrations and healing!

If you live in Aberdeen or the shire and would love to come along to a sound bath make sure you are following my Facebook or Instagram pages for upcoming dates or just send a text/email/phone if you don't use social media!

If you've never experienced sound healing before I highly recommend trying it!! There are so many alternative therapies out there for us to give a go and immersing yourself in the vibrations that emit from the crystal bowls will absolutely give you a very powerful healing experience.

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