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The global mental health crisis

It's three years since the first lockdown and mental health is such an important topic to discuss right now. People who know me really well know how much I care about having open conversations about mental health but one thing I would love to see more of is other people striking up raw honest conversations about mental health. Hardly anyone I know does. As far as i'm aware, none of my friends do anything for mental health awareness, family members find it really difficult to speak about mental health.....and I always ponder why? Why is it a conversation that must be awkward and heavy? Can it not be as easy as talking about our goals or what we are eating for dinner? Just imagine living in a society where daily we conversate with our loved ones and connections about how we are feeling, what we are working through, what different things we are trying to help our mental health? The collective fear and shame would disappear, we would ALL feel heard seen and supported, and we would all understand each other so much more. The guards need to come down, the masks need to come off....imagine speaking your truth at all times without feeling the need to dilute what's really real for you?

So what is the solution? Well, I think it's pretty straightforward...just be YOU. Just be the REAL you. Practice more and more daily to not hide how you feel, what you are experiencing, how your thoughts are. Try it! It's not as scary as it sounds. I always say how can anyone truly know how you are if you just say "I'm fine" when you really are not? Honest conversations are crucial for you and for others. Many people struggle with this for many reasons- possibly being rejected by someone in the past when you tried to be honest. Here's the thing though- you can't continue to be scared of rejection because of things that maybe happened in the past. Not everyone out there is uncompassionate. You have a voice for a reason. You were given the gift of life for a reason. You matter, your mental health matters, everything about you and your life matters!

Where are you at in life right now? Are you being completely honest with yourself and others about how you are? Do you need support with anything? I encourage you today to please do what you have to do. Let this blog post today be your motivation to get important things sorted and the inspiration to get involved with mental health awareness and your reminder to use your voice and speak truth always.

I am currently looking to get invloved with mental health organisations and charities to do talks and workshops for mental health (for both teens and adults) so please do contact me on 07542925422 if you read this and can help! Thank you!

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