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It's launch day!

I can't believe it! It's here! I'm officially a best selling co-author, literally a dream come true. Today, the 9th of August 2023, both my website and Voices of Impact Volume 3, which I have written a chapter in, are out today!! It's a double celebration! I'm sitting here this morning full of love and gratitude for getting to this point in my life when five years ago I was so lost, detached and scared of the world.

You can purchase a copy of the kindle edition for less than £1 and all proceeds from this version goes to a domestic violence charity, decided by the publisher Melaine Wood!


Writing about my mental health battles, recovery while coming off the medicaton and what doors that opened up for me has been the most freeing, cathartic experience that i've ever had in life so far. It's true- speaking your truth and sharing your story has that much power to completely change your life- you are giving other people inspiration and encouragement to do the same, you are being a voice, a stand for what you believe in and reminding other people that there is never any shame in what you go through in life- it's things that happened to you, and if it's traumatic then of course it matters, we are not supposed to supress our voice, trauma and our needs to be brought up into the light, looked at, dealt with and then talking about it is the last step, you realise there's nothing to be afraid of by sharing- in fact, it's the opposite- you are suddenly aware that by sharing your story, your darkest of days, someone out there who is struggling to find their own voice is going to hear/read it, and it will awaken something deep within them- a remembering, a knowing, a reminder- that they too are only human, and imperfectly perfect, and just like me and everyone else, they have an inner light and a higher wisdom that can also be used and tapped into to be vulnerable, courageous, powerful and can heal you and change your life!

Thanks in advance to everyone who reads my chapter and may it shine a light into your minds and hearts.

A huge thank you too for being here, please do share out my website link with anyone you feel would be interested in what I do and I hope we connect soon! Just a heads up- anything you want to order, pop it in your cart then when it comes to payment you'll see I'm still in the middle of getting payments sorted for the website so place your order, I will receive an email then I'll email you back with payment options!

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