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Dancing with the universe

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Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Billie Jo Watt and i'm the face behind Dancing with the universe. You can book in for any of my services here including 1-1 oracle card/tarot card/intuitive guidance readings, Reiki sessions, rune readings, sound healing sessions, women's circles and the different workshops I run.  Check out the "shop" section!


I am so excited to work with you in whichever way you feel is best for you for where you are currently at in life! It can be really fun to try different things to be balanced in mind body and soul, and the things I use in my work assist with you coming back home to yourself, helping you to reconnect to your inner light again- so that you too can dance with the universe again!


 You are welcome to send a message here, email or DM my fb and instagram accounts with any queries or book in for any services. I often do live readings over on my Facebook and Instagram business pages, so give them a follow if you'd like to tune in sometime! I also share my weekly availability for video call readings and special offers over there too.


I have just uploaded my first blog entry! I plan on writing a blog regularly here on my website, to share from the heart, some of the experiences I've had throughout my life and the things I've learned along the way, including sharing information with you all that I feel will be very thought provoking, mind expanding and heart opening.  I'll be talking about the biggest things that have assisted me to get to where I am now - eg Plant medicines, working with sound and energy, shamanism and divination to name a few...

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Alchemising fear into love

We all go through difficult times in life and experience trauma, pain and grief. This can result in us shutting down, closing off our hearts from giving and receiving love. We lose our connection to our higher self, that part of us that is wise, loving, aware and looks at things from a much higher perspective. This can result in us feeling lost, angry, sad, indecisive, the list goes on... both sound and energy healing work at very deep cellular level, assisting in the natural process of cellular restoration and regulation. It is a non invasive , proactive way to support on going health and vitality through the introduction of positive energy and vibrations.

Dancing with the universe provides holistic treatments to help bring you back home to yourself, coming into alignment mind body and soul. You may experience a much needed release of emotion and you will feel lighter inside and more calm in your mind. They can also assist greatly with pain.  Your connection to your higher self will be restored, allowing you to finally feel more conscious and open hearted.

My intuitive/oracle/tarot card guidance sessions can be life changing as they allow my clients to receive a much deeper understanding of why certain things have been happening and how to move forwards in life feeling much more confident, at peace, open hearted and aware. You are welcome to read through some of the reviews from past clients here on the website and there's lots more on my fb page.

I have five years  experience doing all different types of readings and have read for over 300 people between live readings online, video call, voice recorded and face to face readings.


I am delighted to announce I am officially a co-author in a best selling book called Voices of Impact Volume Three! A collaberation of 24 women all over the world sharing stories to inspire others, creating a ripple effect of positivity, healing, hope and courage! The kindle version is out now. It was such a liberating, cathartic experience deciding to go for it and write about a big part of my life and there is so much power in using your voice to encourage others to do the same!

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